The Red Cliffs Chronicles book 1

An ancient alliance. An epic battle. An immortal love… Meet Astrid Mohegan and Jack Canagan – a young wizardess unaware of her legacy, and a wolf-man hesitant to take over his responsibility. Until their paths cross. Between them and the future – an ancient alliance to honour, a brutal enemy to outwit, a war to win. Drawn to each other by a force neither of them understands, tied by unbreakable bonds they had no choice by to accept, Astrid and Jack know that the unimaginable could happen and that they could loose everything, including each other. Did destiny bring them together only to separate them for eternity?


The Red Cliffs Chronicles book 1

Eternal love or a gilded cage? Man by day, wolf by night, Brian Canagan lives an isolated life on his splendid mountain estate. Lonely and tormented by his past, he needs to find a higher purpose. Funding a small heritage project feels like a good fit. Restoration architect Elizabeth Chatwin needs a professional breakthrough. When a mysterious man offers her a dream job, she grabs it with both hands, ignoring the unsettling oddities surrounding her employer. Brian’s unexpected attraction to his sassy, brilliant architect awakes him from his emotional slumber. Risking unforeseeable consequences of exposing his world to Elizabeth, he’ll lure her into it, hoping she has enough courage to love him – both the man and the beast. Caught in a whirlpool of her own conflicted feelings, aware that she’s missing the crucial details about the irresistible man she’s fallen for, Elizabeth must decide whether she should follow her heart or her instincts.


Three couples, three adventures, three love stories.


At first glance, Angela and Nick don’t seem to have much in common: she’s a young widow trying to make ends meet, and he’s a successful businessman in his mid-thirties. He’s confident, well-educated and eloquent; she’s shy, has struggled through school and communicates more easily with horses than with people. But they share an aching loneliness and the need for a brief escape – Angela from the ghosts of her past, and Nick from his uncertain future. When the clock strikes midnight, will it bring the end or a new beginning?   


Two years after her divorce from Nick, Hannah is ready to move on. But when her friend pushes her to go on a blind date with a gallery owner, Hannah is hesitant. She’s attracted to Edward, an architect who works in the same building. Edward also has a blind date. The woman he’s about to meet, according to his friend, is “brilliant and gorgeous”. Edward would be intrigued if only he could stop thinking of the quiet, shy and sexy-as-hell Hannah, the book editor from the top floor.


(A Christmas Story)

Deanna is on a mission. Her best friend is about to propose to a wrong woman and Deanna has a few precious days over Christmas to save him from the worst mistake of his life. Ted, a long-time bachelor, has decided to settle down. A ring in his pocket, he’s ready to pop the question. He just needs to be sure that his future wife loves him as much as he loves her. A relaxing holiday is an opportunity to get his answers. With a dash of Christmas magic, Deanna and Ted’s wishes may come true. Reviews “This novella in two parts had a fascinating premise. The stories were quick paced and interesting. While I’m not a fan of first person stories, I quiet enjoyed this trio. My only complaint…the heat levels of the two stories seemed unbalanced with the second story much hotter and the first much more romantic. Overall…a fast trip to sensual romance well worth taking. Kaufman weaves a fabulous story of chance romance.” “Once Upon a Night is a novella in three stories. Kaufmann writes about love gone wrong, love done right, and the barriers people put up between. Each story is short, spicy and romantic. The characters are sympathetic; the stories believable. Kaufmann’s Best Friends and Other Lovers is a hot interlude for a cold night!” From Goodreadsthe “Wild, Wild West'” of books and reviews. “A strong and powerful story… (It) touches on the harsh realities of marriage and how somehow even through the sadness and emptiness love can still win out…”

“…a fantastic version of how happiness can exist after sorrow and loss. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style…” (Mandy)

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleased with what I read… Everything flowed beautifully and with enough tension to keep me reading. I loved each of these stories…” (Kara) From amazon/com: “…Couldn’t put it down until I finished it… Well worth reading!” “WOW! Once you start the book, it’s hard to put it down. Loved Nick and Angela’s story. Wish the second story was longer!” Buy this book (Nah, you don’t have to. Email me and you’ll get the e-version for free.)