Asanni: Langaer Chronicles Book One (Volume 1)

Asanni: Langaer Chronicles Book One (Volume 1)Beautiful but shy, Dr. Astrid Vandermeer longs for an ordinary life, safe from the constant threats of her delusional stepfather. But a peaceful life is not what fate has in store for the young surgeon. A mysterious stranger enters her life and the attraction is immediate. When he reveals his true identity, Astrid discovers her own legacy. The rare female offspring of a wizardess and werewolf, she is an Ellida—a living embodiment of the ancient alliance between the two races. As a powerful force of good, and the most precious member of her Red Cliffs’ werewolf clan, she will become its ultimate authority and its long awaited spiritual leader. Twenty-five years ago, Jack Canagan refused to become the Einhamir, the Red Cliffs’ clan’s chieftain. Smart, educated and handsome, he’s been content with his easy, pleasant life and occasional special assignments far away from his mountain hometown. Until the night he meets Astrid and realizes that she is his bond mate, irrevocably and eternally connected to him. Smitten with his tall, serious step-cousin, Jack will stop at nothing to protect her from danger. Taking her to Red Cliffs and making her fall in love with him seems like a good start… But can Jack convince Astrid to give up her human life and fulfill an extraordinary destiny? Will their love be strong enough to conquer the doubts, fears and destruction, and make them ready to face their mutual enemy?

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