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Merry merry, happy happy, ho-ho-ho! Happy New Year!

There are a few writing/reading-related things that made 2017 a good year. I had the pleasure of reading three wonderful books written by friends: Betrayal, the fifth installment in the Gift Legacy series by Jo-Anne McLean, One Woman Island, the second book … Continue reading

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Good novels have nine structural points. Bad novels have them, too.

As I mentioned earlier, plotting’s not my thing. If writers are either architects or gardeners, as George R. R. Martin says, I, like him, plant a seed and watch it grow. I wrote my first four novels relying on my … Continue reading

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2017 – Some of my favourite Authors whose books I read this year!

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I have read many, many books this year! Some were written by authors I have promoted previously on my other blog, Reading Recommendations, and these books I considered to be outstanding! And, in…

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Post-NaNoWriMo blues

I feel I owe it to myself to record my first NaNoWriMo experience. I’m glad I took the challenge. I like competing against myself. All the support I needed I found inside me and in a few friends who knew … Continue reading

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