She Who Comes Forth by Audrey Driscoll

The first book I read this year left me frustrated. I was way more fortunate with my second read in 2021 – She Who Comes Forth by Audrey Driscoll.

I really enjoyed this mystery novel set in the early 1960s Egypt and was sorry to part with it, which is always a good sign – an emotional and mental relationship with a book doesn’t happen out of nowhere.

It has a thrilling plot, believable, multifaceted characters, and a delightful touch of spookiness. It also has something else, and I’ll try to explain it.

I’ve been dazzled by Ancient Egypt since I was a child. You don’t need to believe in pseudo-scientific hypotheses about its origins to become fascinated with Egypt – I certainly don’t — but once you learn a little bit more about this incredible civilization, you can’t ignore the mysteries, the unknown and unexplained that surround it. Once you stand in front of the pyramids, the temples, the colossal statues of the old kings and queens, or the granite boxes in Serapeum, you realize and, even more, you feel that the official Egyptology answers are not only insufficient but also as illogical as the most outlandish alternative theories. Better still, you understand, on some deep, cosmic level, that the Egyptian puzzle doesn’t have or doesn’t need the ultimate answers; the great part of the appeal of this old, old world is in its resistance to be fully explained, in its ability to keep its secrets. In a paradoxical way, this great mystery connects us to Ancient Egypt much stronger than any definitive explanations ever would.

I felt that tie when I was there. France Leighton, the heroine of the novel, felt it too. This bond gives Audrey Driscoll’s story a unique dimension, and it’s the reason why She Who Comes Forth and I clicked together. All the other qualities aside, the undisputable beauty of this novel lays in the fact that the author was able to evoke the enigmatic and timeless substance of Egypt and the mysterious connection between this land and us.


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Not unlike my characters, I lead a double life: by day I'm a mother, a friend, a colleague, and the queen of my kitchen. When the moon rises, however, I shift into my other self and, as Queen of the Night, I reign the magical world of my imagination.
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21 Responses to She Who Comes Forth by Audrey Driscoll

  1. Thanks for this great review! Since you’ve actually been to Egypt, I am delighted by your response to it.

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    • jfkaufmann says:

      You’re very welcome! For someone who’ve never been in Egypt, you did an amazing job.
      I posted the review on Amazon and Goodreads as well.

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      • Yes, I saw the review on those sites. Many thanks for taking the time to post there as well. And I’ll reblog the review on your blog; hope that’s ok.


      • jfkaufmann says:

        Absolutely! It was my pleasure.
        Just to mention that I did purchase the book, although a while ago, and it’s on my Kindle, but it doesn’t say ‘verified purchase’. I don’t know why. It didn’t let me to post it on Amazon/com, only /ca.

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      • Amazon seems to display reviews from different countries on all sites now, so that’s not a problem. I don’t know the ins and outs of verified purchase designations, but I am delighted with your review in any case!


  2. Reblogged this on Audrey Driscoll's Blog and commented:
    I was thrilled to read this review by J.F. Kaufmann of She Who Comes Forth. Of course, I have to share it!


  3. Good review! I, too, read and enjoyed She Who Comes Forth. I fell in love with Eudora, and I thought Driscoll was magical in the way she made the Egyptian setting so real.


  4. equipsblog says:

    Love the review and now need to read the book. Well done Oh Queen of the Night.


  5. tidalscribe says:

    Yes I really enjoyed this novel, though I have never been to Egypt it does hold a unique fascination.


  6. Congratulations on the wonderful review, Audrey!


  7. acflory says:

    I’ve never been to Egypt, but the setting ‘felt’ real to me. An excellent review of a most enjoyable book.


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